Shipping Terms & Conditions

*** Please read this page before purchasing! ***

General disclaimer:
Unless in the case that I made a mistake while packaging orders, once I have given orders over to USPS, they are out of my hands and I am not responsible for delays, damage, loss, or additional fees! There are many reports currently of USPS having major delays or problems with packages being sent back due to COVID/USPS hours being cut back. I am still shipping out despite the risk, but please be patient if there are major delays on their behalf. Thank you for understanding.

I offer both domestic and international shipping through USPS.

Processing time:
I aim to ship orders at least weekly, but please be patient if there are delays in order processing especially during events, sales, or store openings when I have an influx of orders!

Domestic shipping time:
Typically USPS delivers First Class mail in 3 business days, but please allow up to 2 weeks due to possible mail delays because of COVID and USPS funding.

International shipping time and fees:
USPS estimates up to ~20 days for First Class International mail to be delivered, but it is not guaranteed and may take much longer due to global COVID delays (some people have noted waiting months for packages that are have not been delivered yet). **I cannot guarantee order safety or prompt deliveries outside of the US at this time, so please order at your own discretion.**  Check if your country has restrictions on incoming international mail currently before placing an order, because I cannot know the policies of all countries. You are also responsible for any customs or import fees relating to your order in your country.

Refunds and exchanges:
I do not offer general refunds or exchanges. Please make sure you select the correct items you wish to buy and enter correct shipping information; I cannot refund mistakes on your end!
If I accidentally send you the wrong item, send me a message through the contact form. I will ask you for proof of the items you actually received and cross-reference with your order. I will send you the correct item free of charge and shipping if stock is available; if there is no more of the item in stock or you choose otherwise, I can refund your money. I cannot refund shipping costs if there were other items in the order that were sent and received correctly.

Lost or damaged items:
For items that were damaged in transit, please send me a contact form and I will work with you to refund or replace your item. For items that were lost, please allow generous time before contacting. If items are truly lost, I can resend items if they are in stock or refund you the cost of the items. However, in both situations of lost or damaged-in-transit items, I cannot refund the cost of shipping. If you choose to receive a new item, you must pay shipping again. 

Large flat prints will be mailed in stiff envelopes. Small merch (pins, charms) will be mailed in bubble mailers or wrapped in bubble wrap in stiff envelopes. Both of these options offer tracking as First Class Packages. Small postcards and prints (smaller than 5x7 inches) will be mailed as First Class Letter mail in a stamped envelope, which does not have tracking, in order to keep shipping costs low. If you would like to receive these kinds of items as more expensive package mail with tracking instead, please send me a contact form. Multiple prints ordered at once may be consolidated into one plastic sleeve to cut down on shipping materials and plastic use.